During the quiet summer months, Stjernesalen at the student quarters in Bergen had a real makeover. I collaborated with interior architect Linda Szücs on this project, and we are really pleased with the outcome! The students needed a cool, laidback space functioning as a cafè in daytime and a bar in the evening. The furniture needed to be really sturdy and durable, and easy to keep. The emphasis was on a dark colour scheme and good quality materials, such as leather and oak. The walls and celing have a dark mud colour. In order to make the place look young and fresh, we strived to use clean geometric lines, in combination with fun and cool scandinavian conteporary furniture.
TERRA. The Terra modules have a grounded and down toearth expression. The idea was to create a seating system with superb comfort and flexibility. I also wanted to make pillow like seating without an internal framework. The informal character and flexibility encourages a mix and match of fabrics, texturs and colour. TORTA is a braided pouf. It is braided like a basket, turned upside down. I wanted to implement this ancient technique in my contemporary pieces. This demonstrates my love for craftmanship. The tactile surface and the texture makes it an ideal supplement to a lounge setting.

Milan International Furniture Fair 2012

Furniture models TERRA and TORTA are now being prodused by the Danish manufacturer Softline. They will be shown onthe Softline stand at the Milan Fair for the first time :)

Nicolai Astrup Exhibition

In collaboration with Line Daatland and Tove Haugsbø, I have designed the Nicolai Astrup exhibition at the Bergen Art Museum. We managed to turn an impersonal gloomy space into a warm and suitable backdrop for Nicolai Astrups fanatastic coloursaturated paintings and prints. Vintage table, Bestlite lamps and Nicolai bench designed by me. I also designed the exhibition cabinets and tables.